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Question Lucky Star Gravity Techno? by JAM Project Lucky Star Douga

Anyone else besides me hear/like this song? I first heard it back when Han0n1 used it in her openings, and i was instantly thought I love this song! I gave up quickly that day trying to find it, yet randomly today after remembering about it started up the search to try to find it.

I believe this is Techno Version of Gravity by Jam Project Lucky Star Douga, according to what that guy in the video says on youtube :shades:.

After 4 straight hours of searching the web i can't find it! now looking at google hurts my eyes :tongue:.
I've come to the conclusion this song is impossible to find or very very difficult, i even went on some thai websites to only come out without it.

Anyone here know how where, how, help, get this one song?
I Would greatly appreciate and forever do anything for you :biggrin:

Only vid i can find left that still uses the song . Starts at 1:28

Please and Thanks guys!

- Edit -
Well its 1:32 am and i finally think i found it! had some misunderstandings on what track it was in, and turns out it's not even its on track it was in a whole remix 002.
Thanks anyways everyone!

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