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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[22:43:14] <ShiningDiamond> I do however need to practice Bassoon like crazy
[22:43:41] <Kohta_the_Maid> Sexophone. Favorite instrument.
[22:43:48] <Kohta_the_Maid> *Saxophone
[22:43:52] <Renku> o.o
[22:43:54] <ShiningDiamond> Claranet :D
[22:44:05] <ShiningDiamond> I mean Clarinet
[22:44:07] <Renku> lol Sexophone
[22:44:15] <Renku> Ohu
[22:44:23] <ShiningDiamond> ^ Hey that chat is only used at the pool
[22:44:43] <LeviathanMist> o.o chat quotes?
[22:44:49] <Renku> Yesh~
[22:45:02] <LeviathanMist> but that requires effort
[22:45:07] <ShiningDiamond> Renku word XD The exphone is only used in the pool XD
[22:45:15] <Kohta_the_Maid> Pool's closed though. Feels bad man.
[22:45:45] <ShiningDiamond> XD JK don't feel bad lol ya thats all we were laughing at the pool a few weeks back
[22:45:48] <LeviathanMist> wat
[22:45:49] * Renku does Chat quote for her lazy man :P
[22:45:59] <LeviathanMist> <3 Renky~
[22:46:04] <Renku> lol <3

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