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Oh the epic-ness of 91.8 the fan! MUST READ!

Today (3rd december) at 14:05 GMT this convensation happened during Kusaremix after the Ai~n song
I had called Cookie up to see if she wanted Kusari to do any impersonations as He had asked me to ask her... After a few minuets the Ai~n song came on and I heard sounds of dancing by the girls and boys around Cookie... The following convensation went on.... Cookie speaks at first.

"We have found a reason to dance in the libary oh hi Mrs Bodak.... -murmer murmer Sounds of clanking- Sure mrs Bodak It wont happen again, oh its an internet radio station, Jessi can explain it more than I can... -more clanking sounds as I laugh my head off then mrs Bodak the libarian comes on the phone- Hello? "hi!" What are they listning to? "its 91.8 the fan mrs." oh is that right? "indeed mrs" Right then how did you get onto this station? -am like ummmm....- Dont worry I want to listen too...-im like ummmmmmm even more- If you tell me youl get a cookie a day for the rest of this week "okay then -explanation-" -Mrs bodak hands the phone back to cookie as am laughing my head off again-



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