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One Piece: I don't get it

Basically it's what it says, I don't get it. Of Jump's "Big Three," as I like to call them, I keep hearing that One Piece is the best but I've always been wary of starting it. For one, it's been around for a ridiculously long time, so it'll be a long and arduous task to catch up.

But anyway I finally decided to start the manga a couple days ago and I've already seen the 4kids abysmal translation of the first couple chapters where he goes around recruiting people, so it's been kind of a slug and I have to say that right now I absolutely HATE Luffy. He is like the most extreme example of a shonen manga lead I've ever seen. He's sooo optimistic and idealistic, and just lacks any and all semblance of subtlety, even more so than other main characters.

So yeah, does it get better? Does he get involved in more emotionally weighty storylines or develop a deeper personality?
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