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Originally Posted by Elk View Post
Welcome to the site. To be honest, I haven't been utilizing the forums as I should have either, hahaha. I'm trying to up the amount of time I spend on 91.8 the Fan because this site is awesome and it deserves it. So I'll see you around in the forums and maybe the chat room?
Oh yeah i'll definitely stop by the chatroom too! So far i'm having great time discussing manga and anime, and hopefully i'll be able to make a lot more friends and fans of series here!
Originally Posted by Kayarath View Post
Be sure to work hard! Also, enjoy the forums and stuff! Good luck on applying!
Yes! I have the Reel i'm supposed to submit done, but the room I recorded it in had this sorta....echo, so i'm not confident, and since I want to make a spectacular first impression, I'm gonna wait a bit and record it somewhere better.

I didnt wanna clog up the threads with a new one so im just posting here to say WOOO! REEL SUBMITTED! Crossed fingers, mantras chanted, and here's hoping you'll be hearing me on air soon!
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