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Originally Posted by quostin View Post
Yeah, isn't it just a branch off of Pokemon Adventure like the other games were?
A little bit ago I saw that actual continuation of Black and White part of Pokemon Adventures, so now its safe to say its not it. But I guess since the pictures up there didn't have the designs of the main characters from the game, it wouldn't have been Pokemon Adventures

So yeah, looking forward to a mature take on Pokemon. Not really blood or killing since that's not directly in the game (though there is the Pokemon graveyard, and that hilarious bit of lore in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum where a guy runs around with his sword killing and eating Pokemon). Just not having a comedic relief group of villains like Team Rocket attempt to steal their Pokemon with a giant robot every week is good enough for starters. Focus on the trainer life of adventuring and being stronger and what not would be cool enough.
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