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So my English teacher had a lesson on graphic novels, and how people are transforming literature into a graphic novel. Then at the end of lesson he assigned a 10 page graphic novel on any of the stories we've previously done in class. You can do it with stick figures, photoshop, or by hand. So I decided hey lets do it by hand, why not?

Bad Choice! He assigned this on a Friday and it due Monday, so I have ten pages of this V and I'm rushing through it. It's a little sloppy, but I like it so much I decided I'm going to completely remake of it. I'll take my time and make it really special.

So anyways heres the first two pages ,and my character design, for my first graphic novel of "A Dream of Armageddon" (My scanner sucks- cutting one my pictures and turned my black ink to this grayish looking color)

Oh and when I say sloppy I mean really,really sloppy!

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