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Re: Gun Collections.

Originally Posted by Amui View Post
That depends on what your budget is, and what type of hunting you want to go do.

For bird hunting or hunting larger game with dogs/in an open field, a Shotgun is the place to go, and typically a 12 gauge is universally accepted for both bird and larger game.

If you're going for a cheaper shotgun I'd maybe suggest a Remington 870 Express, higher end would be a Winchester SX3 or something similar.

With a rifle you're typically looking for a .308 or a .30-06 for hunting purposes, and you're probably going to be sitting in a stand either freezing your butt off or sweating a river depending on your location, can you stick a scout scope on a Mosin Nagant and kill nearly anything alive in North America with its 7.62x54r round? heck yes, does it cost about $100-200 less than a decent hunting rifle? yes, will you be accurate over 200-300 yards? maybe not.

If you're looking for a teeny tiny bit more high end rifle, you really can't do wrong with a Browning A-Bolt or a Remington 700, I believe both can come in .30-06 and .308 calibers, and both are tried and true hunting rifles made from quality parts, I'd top either off with a Leupold scope and call it a day.
I mostly want to hunt deer.

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