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The Revolution's Evolution?

Hey fans and fanatics. I've been thinking of how to take the Revolution to a higher level, and I thought who better to ask then the fans who listen to The Revolution!?

If you've been around a long time (Or were here on Tuesday when I did my slightly retro throwback) You know how I used to roll. If you listen to the Revolution now, you know how I roll now.

How should I roll? Looking for ideas for my show, so you can throw out anything, keep in mind who I am though.
Should I focus more on video games? Should I focus more on fighters? Should i focus more on politics/anarchy? Should I start giving out Recipes again lol? Should I try something completely new and different? Should I try for more interactivity in the IRC? Should I not change anything and keep going as I have been? Should I have a series of things I do everyday? Should I do different things every day? A combo of both of those?
These are all ideas, complimenting and contrasting I've had. What do you think? Also,
What do you want me to be doing during my show?

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