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Re: Elk Point Mall


this is just as a normal humane society would work, only with POKEMAN

as of yet I am unable to provide every pokemon from every generation
although my collection is getting larger everyday as I try to catch 'em all
unfortunately I do not have any 4th gen games, so to trade with me you must have
Black or White

SO here are the rates

***Gen 5 Pokeman***
average: 3 points (purloin or other common pokemon you can just find)

rare: 6 points (pokemon that would other wise be really hard to catch, like the starters from gen 5)

legendaries: 9 points (ONLY FROM GEN 5, not all available, but I have a few extras)

***Gen 1-4***
average: 6 points (pokemon from other gens that can only be caught after the elite 4 in gen 5)

rare: 9 points (pokemon that cannot be caught in Black and White, includes other starters)

legendaries: 15 points (all other legendaries, VERY LIMITED SUPPLY)

I will be using the Masuda Method to obtain these, and as you know this takes time, possibly weeks, so you must make your request in advance, best way to do so is catch me in the IRC when Im around and make your request, currently these are the only available one's I can do for now, but this list will increase in the future

Zoura: 30 points
Treeco: 30 points
Squirtle: 30 points
Chimchar: 30 points
Gible: 24 points
Bedue: 18 points
Bonsly: 18 points
Paras: 18 points
Slakoth: 18 points
Kecleon:18 points

***Special Accommodations***

Nature: extra cost of 6 points (does not apply to shiny or legendary pokemon)
Gender: extra cost of 3 points (also does not apply to shiny or genderless pokemon)
Relic items: extra cost of 3 points
Dream World Pokemon: additional cost of 6 points (limited supply)
Levels 20-39: 3 points
Levels 40-59: 6 points
Levels 60-79: 9 points
Levels 80-100: 12 points
PKRS: 6 points
Nicknames: FREE

If you have a pokemon you would like to request, just contact me at if I am not in the IRC, I will do my best to see if I have what you want, but once again I don't have everything, but I do have A LOT



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