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Re: Elk Point Mall

I offer to you, the owners of Shineh Elk Points, a short story where you can be the main protagonist; for three small points!
These storys can include anything you so wish, from furries to fire breathing chickens, as long as it keeps to the fan's rules.
Warning, If you watched English BBC / CBBC around the 1990's the moth and butterfly may seem familiar, it is not... That story involved a fire and a evil witch spider.
My latest stories are:
Out in the fields of England where the weather is allways impossible to tell for certain what it was going to be, stood a small weather house. In this house lived Mariane, who could come out when itwas sunny, and Julie, who could only come out when it was raining. Every now and then they would see the others backs as they retreated into thier house But one day the clouds that were raining, letting Julie out, were light enough for the sun to push his jolly face through, allowing Mariane out. They were both delighted to finally meet each other and soon made fast friends, when suddenly, a full double rainbow filled the skys above them. They both had a lovely time chatting and watching the magical spectical. Soon the sun grew tired of fighting the clouds and went to have a rest, making Marian head for bed aswell. They both promised that when the next rainbow came that they would both bring tea and crumpets. The end ~

Coming soon

Coming soon


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