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Re: Tempest's Downpour -- Why Women Want Yaoi

XD For every reason imaginable. I hated the characters, I hated that there was zero to no characterization, I hated that there were no women in the show, I hated that the entire FREAKING school was gay -- because that tooooootally happens in the real world, right folks? I mean, sure, FAKE made the New York City Police Department a little gayer than usual, but there were perfectly straight characters and women all throughout it.

Sukisyo's entire drama and relationship seemed forced, like they were throwing concepts at the viewer and the viewer was meant to sit tight and enjoy the spectacle. It had nothing deeper in it than "LOOK. HOT MEN MAKING OUT."

The only thing I did enjoy about the show was the nurse, because I thought he was a woman for the longest time. XD Akira Ishida is an incredibly talented voice actor. Just sayin'. Also pink-haired guy was voiced by Goku from Saiyuki, so that squicked me a bit.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I can't stand a show where the only important aspect of it is the romance. I need action! Adventure! Fighting! Ghosts! The romance, for me, needs to be a sidenote. An enjoyable sidenote, at that, with impact and characterization.

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