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Re: .Hack//Conviction

Hideki looked around one last time at the shops before deciding to make a move for the fields. Reaching over his head to the handle of his sword he noticed someone behind him of a higher level who either saw something they wanted in his direction, or was looking for a player to kill. "Great! A Player Killer on my first day. . . "

Returning his hands to his side he looks around acting as though he hadn't seen anything out of the norm, which is rather impossible being surrounded by hacked AI, players, and partially fragmented AI. Walking between two screen-faced dogs he finally reached the the Chaos Gate. Pulling his left arm in front of him, a console appears and he selects his server, Delta, and field; Burning Passed Over Aquafield. Upon finishing his selection he pressed the enter button and as was when he logged in, three blue rings form around him, join as one and he disappeared.

Falling through a blue tunnel of data he closed his eyes thinking to himself,
"This escape, it's required sometimes. But this one in particular is so addicting already. I know I'm going to like this world."
Having quit many games after a few weeks of play, Luc considered himself to be a 'professional' gamer and after finding The World he knew he had to make the next step up in the video gaming world, the next generation of Virtual Reality. So far, he was glad he made the decision regardless of the possible threats surrounding The World.

Loading ...
Processing ...
Entering ∆ Burning Passed Over Aquafield...

Upon entering the new zone Hideki ran down the hill he started on and upon seing a Monster-Gate he approached it, weapon at the ready.
"Alright then, my first battle. Here goes nothing, I s'pose."
Holding his sword steadily in front of him he waits as his first trio of opponents appear, three Goblin Rookie's.
"Alright! You all look pretty weak this won't be a problem at all!" He yells as he charges in, slashing and blocking as they attack, waiting for a good opening before taking the last swing at one of the three knocking it back. Distracted by the graying corpse he is taken off guard by one and it swipes him in the side pushing him back.
"Crap! I forgot about you two so easily! Everything is just so new."
Returning to his feet he holds his sword in front of him, again and this time charges his attack. Upon the second approach of the now two enemies he releases the swords power and swings it down through the earthen layer beneath the three not only knocking them back, but him too. Lifting his head from the ground to look up he notices a blue ethereal haze over his body, warming him to the core. "Hey, I leveled up!" He jumps up from his position and cheers with himself. "That wasn't hard at all, this game's going to be great!"
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