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Re: .Hack//Conviction

Luc sits in his chair, places his headset on and smirks as he presses the log in button. It's his second time logging into The World, he only had about twenty minutes to check it out the night before and because of that he never had a good time to train, or time to train at all.

Loading ...
Processing ...
Entering Net Slums ...

Entering The World certainly was an escape. Hideki looks at his now digital hands before his face.
"This'll take some getting used to, I think. Now then, time to train up so I can be even more powerful!"
He starts to run down the street before a Guild Shop's display catches his attention. He approaches it and looks at all of the items, probably hacked items, but none-the-less, they were very powerful items. He looks up at the shopkeeper then back at the items but notices the price. Although he too was a hacker, he still found some validity in gaining status, levels, and currency the old fashion way and decided to resort to hacking only in dire situations.

[Sorry for the delay, that assignments out of my way now. So ta-da! Let the roleplaying commence! Sorry for a rather. . . short post. Soon as I get back into my roleplaying-mode I'll improve.]

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