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Re: The Destiny.

OK, so tonight actually could get worse--maybe. Or maybe it was finally getting better. It takes only a step to place myself in enough shadow that my charcoal grey cloak hides me, and I can't help but smile as each hand produces a black blade. Am I hiding or hunting, I wonder. Just two decades ago I lived like this, although back then I was uniformed instead of cloaked. . .H_ll, I don't even know whom I would be defending, or against whom or what. That should matter, I tell myself. I should know more before offering to kill or die. Who is this woman, this demon? What have I walked into? It should matter. It should matter!

My smile remains. It should all matter, but it really doesn't, not anymore. Blood has been scented, and old training re-asserts itself. Something readies to attack a young lady it thought alone, and that is justification enough for me, for now. Let Death be dealt and let to pick her lover.

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