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Re: The Destiny.

"Your pardon, Milady." I gently twist from my right hand a silver ring marked )O( with a five-pointed star within the circle. A rose is etched into one side, an unpicked apple into the other. Another, more careful bow as I hand her the ring, "I wear the mark of the Goddess openly but not ostentatiously, to be seen by those who will. I neither hide nor display myself, being content to be. And thus my words: 'more priest than preacher;' I do not preach. I am priest, though, only insomuch as I offer rites to my Goddess--I stand in no coven. Still, you too offer rites, however private, and so I accord you priestess whether or no you so believe. And that doesn't sound too terribly fallen to me. I offer further that Her mark is worked into my blades, but leave them sheathed so as not to provoke you. And if you will forgive my poor manners, my name is Moonhawk."

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