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Re: The Destiny.

(sure thing! though it didnt really matter who started)

"My birthday..." Missy said as she dug her sword into the ground, pushing up dirt and rocks. Her red eyes glared at what she unearthed. At the end of her sword she realized a rock and pulled it close. "...born of the stars, Die as a Mortal.." she chucked the rock against the cave wall with a grunt, her red eyes followed the rock as it shattered into dust and hit the wall. Today was the Demons 20th birthday, and in knowing this she also knew she'd aquire a new power by the moonlights glow that following night, but she never knew what the new power would be. "The Ceremony must begin.." She said as she stood to her feet. In order to get her new power she had to preform the Ritual of the Moon.

"Love, Water, Fire, Earth, Sky, Wind, give me the power i beg of you, The power of the moon, the stars, and the glory to why my birth was intended. Give me strength, give me fertility, give me long laughter and joy...but to this mere mortal restrict my powers, bind my chains, for this eternal fact i am human commands me to speak to you, that i am born with sin." she looked at her hands which were now glowing blue. "The powers you give to me are understood by my demon heritage, but of my human nature they are not and were never meant to have powers such as these.." she looked away saddened by her own limits of being human. "there, it is complete. By the rising of the moon tonight, i will have one more power.." She felt her swords blade, as if she knew someone was watching her...

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