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Re: .Hack//Conviction

Accepted Characters



Real Name: Luc Jenson
Character Name: Hideki
Job: Edge Punisher
Second Job: N/A
Third Job: N/A
Fourth Job: N/A
Level: 1
Weapons: Broad Demon
Guild: N/A
Mount: N/A


Real Name: N/A
Character Name: Mara (still answers to Mia and Macha)
Job: Blade Brandier
Appearance: A tall, purple, anthropomorphized cat with white patches of fur around her torso and face. In this incarnation, she has long hair grown from her head like a human. She wears armor on her legs and arms and cloth-like armor around her torso.
Level: 50
Weapons: Princess Blade, level 42, Hold and Release, Rarity x5, +8 Wind, -2 Earth,
Special: Wind Attack Critical + 10%
Guild: None
Mount: Dislikes steam bikes and would rather converse with a Grunty than ride one.

Bio: With the belief that everything deserving of a second chance also deserves a third, Aura searched the dark recesses of The World for the few remaining strings of data that once comprised Macha and Mia. These little bits of code and memory were not enough to create a PC, so Aura merged the data with those of a few broken, Vagrant AIs from Net Slum. Aura infused this new PC, dubbed Mara, with her own memories of the events of the past few decades.

Due to her mixed programming, Mara’s speech patterns are broken and she oftentimes speaks in a circular pattern, or in riddles. She can be found talking to herself or other AIs in the game, and claims that Grunties are “sad to look at” even though she leaves Net Slums only to visit the Grunty Farms on the other servers.

Mara’s memories are incomplete and faulty because Aura spent so much time removed from the game - being data drained during the time of the first Twilight and receding into the depths of The World throughout the duration of Project G.U. - Mara knows her role is important, but she doesn’t know what Aura truly has planned for her; if her role is to be like the Azure Knights, or to function as a Phase once again.



[1] Introduction
[2] Rules
[3] Character Skeleton
[4] Accepted Characters
[5] Locations & Servers

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