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Re: .Hack//Conviction


[1] Keep it semi-literate or better. That means you must have proper grammar and do speak third person, you aren't the character. I'm asking a minimum of five sentences each post if you can do that. Three pushes it but no less than three is tolerable. And lastly; no text talk.

[2] No Godmoding. That is strictly forbidden. This also includes auto-hitting.

[3] PM me all of your profiles titled "I am convicted." (Type "Doctor Octagodapus!" as the first line in the PM to prove you've read the rules.)

[4] I'm going to ask to keep it PG-15. I don't need sex, and since the game is The World which is a virtual reality game of infinite possibilities I'm going to say romance is allowed and somewhat encouraged.

[5] If you're going to swear which I don't mind personally, keep it neat and tidy no need to make it every other word. I will intervene if I notice you are swearing too often or use a term that can be offensive to those who read it.

[6] Use [({< and >})] to show you are speaking OOC (Out Of Character).

[7] Use respective colours or a shade of that colour according to what you are, Hacker, Player, or Guard. Hackers being Red, Players being Blue, and Guard's being Green. If you don't know how to colour-code your text don't fret to ask others. We're all here to help.

[8] All characters start at level 1, combat will rise your level gradually. You cannot pass more than five levels a day; sure it may seem unfair but I find it more realistic. If you want to challenge yourself when you get into a combative situation, roll a dice 1-3 you hit 4-6 you miss. ;)

[9] Lastly and not the least important, follow 91.8 The Fan forum rules.

[1] Introduction
[2] Rules
[3] Character Skeleton
[4] Accepted Characters
[5] Locations & Servers

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