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Re: Sol Squadron-A Mecha RP

The Lockheed-Martin FREEDOM Class Mechs

The FREEDOM line of mechs are the latest creations of Lockheed Martin, ushering in a new era of warfare. With a land speed upwards of 180 MPH, 10 inches of super-titanium armor plating, and powered by the Giallo-Gibson Fusion Core, the FREEDOM line is the finest mech ever designed by man. However, it's greatest potential is in it's great area of customization. It can be adapted to almost any weapon created within the last few years, any color scheme, and adjusted for almost any mission. This makes it the ideal mech for military use.

"FREEDOM" Class Mech

Plug Cross-Section

Standard Issue Equipment
Weapon Selections:
R: "Greaser" Mech Switchblade
L: "Ulysses" SMG
M: None

Booster: None

Defensive Deployments:
B: 3x Flares
H: None
D: None

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