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Re: PKMN Academy [PG to PG-13]

I'm up for it! GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!

Name: Titan Sparks
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall and lean, topping at around 5' 9" with tan skin and slim muscles, Titan is a punk to the bone. He wears a tank top, white but speckled with dirt, and fireman pants, with powerful motorcycle boots on his feet. Titan's hair grows naturally into a brown fuaxhawk, sunglasses hiding his dark eyes. Along his right arm are three tattoos. The first is on his shoulder,resembling a military patch, but with the number "101" on it. The second is on his upper arm, a pair of black bands with a date over each, "Oct 5th" over the first and "Oct 7th" over the second. The third is a Cubone skull, about the side of a silver dollar, on the bottom of his wrist.
History: Titan isn't a troubled teen-He's just one who's lead a troubled life. Born to a single mother after a divorce, he got in trouble with the law. The "101" on his shoulder is the number of their two-room apartment, and a reminder of why he's working to be a Master-To get his mom out of that dead end neighborhood. When he was 10, two of his closest friends invited him to a gang meeting. They were attacked by another gang, and his friends was shot in the crossfire. One took a hit to the head and died instantly, but the other didn't pass away until two days later from an infected wound. He was shot October 5th, and died the 7th, hence the mourning bands.

After that, he turned his back on crime and tried to lead a straight life, working in a mine. One day, their machinery came under attack by a lone Cubone. These attacks continued, until Titan decided to investigate the reason. It turned out the mining had disturbed it's home, killing it's mate and young. Deciding peace was a better alternative, Titan offered the Cubone some camaraderie, as he understood what it as going through. The Cubone, of course, didn't believe him and attacked. Titan didn't do anything, and the Cubone finally let up and followed him home.

After this, Titan got the idea in his head that being a Poke'mon master meant he'd be able to turn his life around. So, he took all of his savings and put it into the school.

Personality: Titan is level-headed, but is wrathful if people cross a certain line. As such, he usually has a grim demeanor, which will scare people away; the result is that he's socially awkward, unable to react in certain situations.
Party: Bonehead (Cubone)
Ground Fighting-8:00
Study Hall-9:00
Travel Basics-10:00
Pokemon: Cubone
Pokemon's Name: Bonehead
Pokemon's Gender: Male
Pokemon's Personality: Bonehead is definitely an ironic name. Bonehead is a calm, patient Poke'mon, in adverse to Titan's hot tempered persona. He's an experienced male, but knows to stick with Titan and follow his lead. However, if Titan makes a really bad decision, Bonehead will always reel him in or fight on his own.
Pokemon's Appearance: Same as any other Cubone.

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