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Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!

I look at my sister as she explains who I am, my eyes flash red at the gesture of a man who seemed to protect her. I sit back and my image fades like a mirrage sharpining back up to a beautiful female humanoid with elven ears, almond shaped eyes and red silver hair.
"You do have a particular smell about you... Austrailian? Ha! As if I'd tell the likes of you... You Dress boy." I point a finger to the boy whom seemed to getting closer to my sister with every word I speak. "Are you connected to Solaria? Are you lovers?" I brush past him, not waiting for an answer. I move towards my sister. "Surpised? I took a trip to Graiylot and got him to increase my powers so I can shape shift any time I want. And look at you dear sister, stuck with that form the unicorn gave you... Ha! " I pouted infront of Solaria in Mock sadness as I see her grow angry. "Now don't fret I have a gift from Julie that allows That thing," I look to the Small reptile floating by Solaria. "To transform without you having to." I take a Silver bracelet with what looked like the scrapings of a larger sapphire embeded in it, off of my wrist and place it at my sisters feet as was custom.
"Now exuse me Sister I have Dragons to anihalate..." I pause there and place my hand over my mouth in a sarcstic way... "Oh now I've gone and done it, Ive told you too much... Not to worry you wont get far with that information..." I lift my arms and transform to a small but fast looking bird with a red crown and white wings. I take off and fly south...
Britan FTW!!!!

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