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Re: The Destiny.

So much worse than I'd even begun to think. Blades sheathed, I step forward and stare straight into her face. "A strange game you play, both. You called him brother straightforth, else I had intervened. But neither of you seemed intent--stop toying with that knife." I again hand her my ring into her undamaged hand. "Hold this and accept the comfort of my Queen." It glows slightly, and I know it is syphoning away her pain. I plant one foot on the rock beside her leg, draw her injured hand to rest her wrist on my knee and pin it there with one hand. With the other, I grab the protuding knife hilt and quickly pull straight up. "I'm sorry, but it hurts less and does less damage if removed straight and swift." I drop the knife on the rock and pull a metal flask from my cloak, then pour bourbon into her wound. "I don't know about demonic healing, but this will help the human part of you avoid infection." So far, so good--she hasn't made me her first kill. . ."Your shoulder wound needs binding--" I clean away dirt from flesh, then apply more bourbon. I tear out a piece of soft fabric from the inside lining of my cloak and begin wrapping her shoulder. Finishing that, I accept back my ring and sit across from her.

"I can't say I'm eager to leave a lady in a bad situation, but I'm not sure what I can do to help. You and your brother--" I pause until she nods, once "--seem content enough to fight, even hurt each other, but don't try to do more or worse than that. This time. But you need to understand how that might change, and I've seen it change. An abusive person becomes more abusive as time progresses. It's just natural that abuse escalates. And an abuse victim who stays, pays, often with their life. So here's the rub: I don't know what he thinks you have or possess, but I don't want Mr. Winning Personality to become some super-demon. I'm willing to help prevent that from happening, but I shall not be bound by your love for him. I offer you my help and protection, such as they are, but I shall not again stay my hand. Your brother is your enemy, and if you accept my company, then know that I shall treat him so. But before you decide, know this: I am not, as are you, a creature of light. Do you not think it strange that your brother could not discern me clearly? It is because he sought another being such as yourself, and could not see me for his own darkness. I am a creature of darkness myself, only in service to the light. Thus has my family lived for millennia, suppressing our nature to fulfil our oath. And though the Goddess accepts and blesses us and our service, she does not forget what we are, nor do we. Know this and be warned, that my presence shall tarnish your brilliance." I smile softly, sadly, and take a swallow of bourbon, waiting.

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