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Re: The Destiny.

When the ring was dropped into the palm of her hand, she felt a sudden vibration coming from the ring. Almost as if she knew what she was doing, she waved her right hand over the ring, as her fingertips started to glow blue...The ring hovered from her palm, and her eyes went purple, staring off into an unknown abyss.

All of a sudden she let out a growl she had never made, before ring fell back into her palm she looked down at it, her eyes returning to red. "...your not lying.." she said handing it back. "i saw it..forgive me Priest.." she said getting up holding onto a wall, sweat gliding down her forehead. "i hadnt a visitor in 20 one dares to come here..." as she started explaining, her crystal sword flashed a bright blue then dimmed.

"hide....HIDE NOW!!" she said whipping out her blade, running to the entrance.

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