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Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!

A charcoal grey hawk lifts quickly skyward, away from wither came the sudden flash. I level off and dive suddenly as if for prey, but level off again just inches above the ground and begin a circuitous path towards the tree in which the small dragon lies stunned. It is difficult flying so low, without thermals to help support my weight, and dodging grasses and brush only irritates me further. Still, they provide the cover I need and I reach my goal unobserved. Rising and snatching away Skylark, I retrace my flight to the Lady Jessica, laying the still-prone Skylark at her feet. The human image I created to distract the sniper is already fading as I resume my own, wearied by the normal pain of such transformation and the added exertion of carrying dead weight. Clinging to the ground like a genuflecting worshipper, I manage a nod towards the Lady.

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