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Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!

Folding my wings up slowly, I look at Moon Hawk sadly...
" I wish, no. I have chosen this quest myself, I am a protector of my species and must know about the armys... " Her voice resuming back to the one she had when you first met. "My people..."
I look down to the soft ground with little vegetation, I summon a fireball in my hand and start to play with it... My voice almost whispering.
"I am no longer allowed among them, yet I still protect them with my life and soul... I hope magic will solve my problem as it was created... Damn unicorns."

A lil' further away A shadow darker than the night it self gathered around a grasing silver blue Unicorn, its mane a darker blue but still shining, its horn golden standing out in comparison, as if trying to be notaced... The darkness seemed to go closer and closer making forms of hands that clasped around the muscluar throat of the beast. The unicorn bucked, making a screaching neigh calling for help, but was cut short as the hands cracked the neck killing it instantly.

I was sort of watching the unicorn, my eyes opened wide as it was killed. Instantly my wings open ready to jump into the sky...
" It seems like our quest must begin with three..." I shout loudly.
I look toward the person waiting in the background...
"Are you coming or going?" My head turns to Moon Hawk " That question also includes you."
I hold my hand out waiting for a reply


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