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Re: Shin Megami Tensei RP: OOC and Sign Up Thread



Hikawa: Former cultist who caused the destruction of a previous world, in order to create a new world where man lives in harmony with the universe. A world of stillness. He has enlisted many demons to his cause.
Played by:

Chikai: A young girl who survived the apocalypse. After aimlessly wandering the world she decided that she survived for a reason and since was driven to create a world where only the strong survive. A world where might makes right. She absorbed the life force of a powerful demon and was granted with a new form.
Played by:

Issamu: A young man who was also able to survive the end of the world. Instead of seeking power in the ruined world, he escaped to another dimension, the Amala, that links to various places in the ruined world and cultivated his power in the isolation there. He strives to create a world where everyone exists independently of eachother. A world of isolation. He only has himself and his mastery of the Amala and the vast power that flows through there.
Played by:

Digital Devil Saga:

Serph: Silent leader of the embryon tribe. His decisions in the Junkyard has allowed them a shot to create the paradise they were promised.
Demon Form: Varna
Played by:

Argilla: Embryon's sniper. Caring towards people, doesn't believe in manipulating people to get what you want. She has a strong sense of comrade-ship and will do anything to protect those she cares about.
Demon Form: Prithivi
Played by:

Gale: Embryon's tactical advisor and strategist. Cool and collected, mainly makes decisions based on logic and reason. He has only recently, begun to show emotions and go by feeling.
Demon form: Vayu
Played by: Me!

Heat: Embryon's defacto second in command. Violent and quick to anger, certainly the most radical of the embryon tribe. Very much into doing his own thing.
Demon form: Agni
Played by:

Cielo: Bright, laid back, and possibly Jamacian. He has a very strong sense of right and wrong. He will always stand by his comarades.
Demon form: Dayus
Played by:

Sera: A strange girl who appeared in the junk yard and put into the motion the events that lead the Embryon to where they are now. She's very sweet and caring. She also seems to have powers over demons.
Demon form: None
Played by:

Persona 3:


Minato (Minako) Arisato: The main character of Persona 3. After transfering to the iwatodi dorms, (s)he is suddenly put at the head of a groups of students charged with protecting humanity from shadows. After averting the extinction of humanity, (s)he had to sacrifice his/her life. However, fate may charge him/her with deciding the fate of humanity one last time.
Persona: Many. (S)he mainly uses Messiah.
Played by: me!

Yukari Takeba: A bright, Cheery girl and a member of SEES. Shes a bit short tempered, and a real obsession for investigation. However she always stands by her friends.
Persona: Isis
Played by:

Junpei Iori: A laid back goofball, who joined SEES shortly after the main charcter. A self proclaimed ladies man and overall trendy guy. Despite his laid back attitude he's actually quite insecure about himself. His relationship with Chidori helped him become more sure of himself.
Persona: Trismegistus
Played by:

Akihiko Sanada: A member of SEES that makes good with punching shadows in the face. While he seems to be perfectly confident and popular, he is actualy very unsure of himself. Shinjiro's death is what helped him to gain the confidence to face his problems.
Persona: Caesar
Played by:

Mitsuru Kirijo: The oldest member of SEES, and what many people would describe as prefect. Excelling at everything she does, while maintaining a very dominant air to her. However, the responsiblities she placed on herself become to large for even her to deal with.

Persona: Artemesia
Played by:

Ken Amada: A young boy, who is suprisingly a member of SEES. After losing his mother in what supposedly an "accident", Ken had to grow up very quickly. Because of this his is very mature for his age, but still retains his child like sweetness.
Persona: Kala-Nemi
Played by:

Aigis: A robot who was created for killing shadows. Her ability to wield a persona and her bond with the rest of SEES has made her more human than previously thought. However she finds her self at conflict with her new found humanity.
Persona: Pallas Athena
Played by:

Fuuka Yamagishi: A shy girl who helps support SEES in battle. She has a strong desire to help people and her persona's support ability is a reflection of this desire.
Persona: Juno
Played by:

Shinjiro: An old member of SEES who had rejoined right after Ken. He is very aloof and grumpy,.however certain hobbies of his suggest a warmer side. Unfortunately he was killed when he took a bullet for Ken. However, like with the main character death for him may not be as permanent as originally thought
Persona: Castor
Played by:


Takaya: The leader of the group of rouge persona users know as Strega. His shortened life span has caused him to live only for the moment and his desire to witness the world end with his life. Charasmatic, and influential he starts a cult to aid in bringing about this end.
Persona: Hypnos
Played by:

Jin: The brains of Strega. He is very intelligent and cocky. He shows an undying devotion to Takaya and his goals. He is also very popular on the internet.
Persona: Moros
Played by:

Chidori: Chidori fills the support role of Strega. A cold, quiet Gothic Lolita and a very talented artist, she becomes anxious when separated from her evoker. Her time with Junpei has revealed a warmer side to her.
Persona: Madea
Played by:

Persona 4:

Souji Seta: The main protagonist of Persona 4. He lived with his uncle Ryotaro and cousin Nanako in Inaba for a year and helped put an end to the TV-serial-murderer. Currently lives with his parents outside of Inaba.
Persona: A vast array at his disposal.
Played by:

Yosuke Hanamura: A lighthearted boy who enjoys listening to music. He's clumsy, but reliable and loves to provoke Chie.
Persona: Susano-O
Played by:

Chie Satonaka: An athletic girl who is upbeat and excitable. She has an obsession with Kung Fu and always looks out for her best friend, Yukiko. She is friendly, but can be rough around the edges when Yosuke ruffles her. She is incredibly unskilled at cooking.
Persona: Suzuka Gongen
Played by:

Yukiko Amagi: Formerly quiet and reserved, Yukiko has started to explore the more cheerful side of herself. She has the habit of breaking into laughing fits. She is training to be the next manager of the Amagi Inn.
Persona: Amaterasu
Played by:

Kanji Tatsumi: Son of the owner of Tatsumi Textiles. Kanji always had a love for sewing and other "girly" things, so he became something of a delinquent to hide his softer side. He has grown more open about his love for sewing and holds sewing classes twice a week at his mother's shop. Has a crush on Naoto that he has trouble hiding.
Persona: Rokuten-Maō
Played by: Tempest Wind

Naoto Shirogane: The "Detective Prince" who is actually a woman, Naoto modeled much of her personality and appearance on the protagonists in detective novels. She continues the Shirogane line of detectives.
Persona: Yamato Takeru
Played by:

Rise Kujikawa: The cheery former idol was about to restart her career when suddenly shadows started appearing in the real world. She decided to put her career on hold in order to help her friends bring an end to the terror. She is a support character.
Persona: Kanzeon
Played by:

Teddie: Teddie has two forms: a strange bear-like creature in something resembling a clown suit, or a blond bishounen boy. Teddie discovered that he actually was a shadow who gained sentience and joined his friends in the fight against the TV-serial-killer.
Persona: Kamui
Played by:

Ryotaro Dojima: A detective and a single-father, he is reluctant to give up the hunt in any mystery and would do anything for his daughter. Despite the trust he built with Souji, he kept a tight, overprotective eye on his nephew and nearly prevented Souji from chasing down Namatame. He is far more active now in his daughter's life.
Persona: none
Played by:

Nanako Dojima: A very reliable elementary school student. She took on much of the housework after her mother died. Made a good impression on a visiting politician for being so outspoken. Nearly died after being taken into the TV world.
Persona: none
Played by:

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