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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name: syhshen
Character Name: syhshen
Age: 25
Weight: 160 lb
Height: 6'
Eye Color: emerald
Hair Color: waist length silver hair
Skin Tone: tan
Personality: lade back, stubborn and WONT do anything unless he is getting paid or actually wants to. works well alone or in small groups. hates guns with a burning passion but will use them as a desperation move.
Personal History: for most his life he's remained pretty much a loner. He could careless who lives or dies as long as he gets paid. trained in all forms of blade combat as well as archery. Out of all the weapons he has learned to use dual blades and chains have been his most used and favored. He may have guns on him but truly hates to use them. He will put his life in danger long before he fires a gun. although he may work alone a lot he has worked very close to Taikutsu through the years. Even though they fight a lot they make a powerful team. His left arm got blown of after trying to take down a government base solo. after returning home he had a robotic arm made with a surprise inside he returned to the base and finished his contract the moment his arm was done.
Good or Bad: neutral
Stengths: blades, bows, descent shot with fire arms, runs fine when low on sleep.
Weaknesses: hunger, boredom, too much money (sees no reason to work)
Weapon: dual blades(sheaths on the back of his waist), dai-katana (sheaths on the right side of his waist. normally one arms it), throwing knifes (2 rows of 5 on each leg), bow set (will go on his back. 20 arrow quiver), 10ft chain (raps up his left arm and unhooks for quick use. can be used as a small shield), 2 old style magnums (hidden in his jacket for quick use. 6 shots in each clip), left arm is fake with a hidden machine gun in it (20 round clip with a 5 shot burst). does not carry reload ammo for bow, knifes, or guns.
Abilities/Magic: Zha yanjing (works like flash step) used manly on gunners and mages. uses light weapons for this move like his dual blades, Dianli bagong (works like the wind scar) used to take down large groups or get through strong defenses. can only be used with big weapons like a buster sword or his dai-katana.

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