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Re: Anime/ Cartoon, Manga/Comic????

-What makes anime anime?
It is simply because of the animation, although many people have probably said this (sorry, TL;DR you all). Anime animation are more simply and honestly, less detailed. The scenes are reused (I bet you guys have experienced this before), like the feet moving/walking. Anime is characterized by the abnormal hair colors and the plot.

-What is the difference between anime and cartoons.?
The difference is that anime has a certain plot that it follows, and it has an ending, in contrast to cartoons that have ambiguous plots (such as Spongebob Squarepants, Adventure Time, etc). Cartoons are also much more better than anime. For story line, that depends on what anime/cartoon it is, but for quality and animation, cartoons will always win. Cartoons, as you can see on your everyday Cartoon Network (Futurama, KND, and more lol) are very flexible, especially Adventure Time, if you know what I mean. Overall, I still prefer anime, but cartoons are ultimately better. Just because everything Japan does, America can do it better (is a bit of a biased comment, but it's best to ignore it).
Also, some cartoons, if they are actually trying to portray a human rather than a sponge or a robot, (such as the Batman series or Superman), they look way more realistic than anime. You can't argue on that.

-Does an american comic become a manga?
No, and that is for the same reason as the second question: comics (such as Batman/Superman) are more detailed/realistic than anime. They also do not have a plot that "ends." Also, the term "manga" means japanese comic. Enough said there.

*also, what I mean by ambiguous plot in the second question is that the plot will always go on. It's an "adventure." Unlike some animes like Naruto, whom has a plot of the kid trying to become Hokage, cartoons such as Adventure Time simply has the main character, Finn, wanting to have many adventures. Adventure Time will never end, but Naruto will whenever he becomes Hokage (or later).

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