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Re: Hey guys

Originally Posted by Tommy Vercetti View Post
I've known about the Ducks since 1995 when KCAL used to broadcast their games. So I do realize that Anaheim has two pro sports teams. And I support them wholeheartedly (because I'm a homer lol)...although the way the Ducks have been playing lately...
Haha, Well, you could be me, you could be a Leafs fan!

Doesn't look like either the Leafs or Ducks are going to make the playoffs this year. Then again, I don't even know the meaning of the word playoffs anymore ;]

I was just joking around earlier, the Ducks have some hardcore fans, but I've had the chance to visit California, and hockey barely makes the sports page in the newspaper anymore.

Anyways, we'll save the discussion for another place and another time!

Enjoy the site.

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