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Re: Late Night Stink - Leno and Conan

Same here, NBC has been one of my top favorite networks of all time and I hate that all this is happening.

The Jay Leno Show was an experiment that tried to bring variety and interviews to a prime time slot. They were trying to see if a show that doesn't cost that much to make can do well in primetime but as we can all see, it was a failed experiment. I know personally that because of the show, our local NBC affiliate, WSAZ, is losing viewership and money. Advertisers are not going to stick with something that no one is watching.

I really wish Conan would stick with the Tonight show because I think that he has been doing a very good job with it. I truely think that Jay Leno has his hands around someone's junk because for some reason, he is getting all this special attention from NBC, when the smart thing to do is to take his show off and leave The Tonight Show where it is. Leno left the show, Im sorry his show did not do well but it happens.

That's also not fair to Jimmy Fallon either if they are going to push the times back. Just stop trying to center everything around Leno and drop him, people seem to be showing more support for Conan anyway.
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