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Late Night Stink - Leno and Conan

Well, if you follow the late night circuit like I do, you'd know by now that NBC is trying to move Conan O'Brien's 'Tonight Show' slot to 12:05AM, effectively moving Jay Leno back to his previous 11:30PM slot.

It seems that the Winter Olympics are what are to be blamed here, however that doesn't mean Leno really needs to take back his 11:30PM slot.

For those that aren't familiar with the whole late night thing, around June of last year Conan O'Brien successfuly became the new host of The Tonight Show, a show previous hosted by Jay Leno for 17 years. After Conan finally got the Tonight Show slot after 17 years on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon took over Conan's previous show and Jay leno moved to the 10:00PM time slot (a prime time slot) with his show, The Jay leno Show.

The "stink" is that Conan doesn't wish to move from the 11:30 slot, stating that it'd be destroying a great franchise. He'd rather do something else than host (what would really not be) The "Tonight" Show at 12:05AM.

So, as far as rumors go, people think that Leno will again take back The Tonight Show (since his current show is set to end in February), but most of the situation is unknown other than the fact that the NBC is trying to "fix" their schedule. It is unknown where Conan is going to go, or even if the whole thing will go through.

I'm of the opinion, as of late, that it's all just a big advertisement thing and they're just trying to raise both show's viewership. I just say "oh well" and go watch letterman anyway.

Your opinions?

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