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R.I.P Leonard Nimoy

Yesterday morning Leonard Nimoy, popularly know as Mr. Spock in the SiFi series Star Trek, passed away at 83 due to heart failure. As a writer, director and actor he was a big icon in both the serious cinematic and nerd community. His roles left an impact of humor, curiosity and entertainment. Nimoy suffered from his constant years of smoking and ran campaigns later in his life to help those who do smoke, quit, so they wouldn't suffer like he has.

As a in-training entertainer and fan myself, this is a sad loss. My late Uncle and Father showed me the original Star Trek as child and I remember growing up with the character which actually made me question what it is to be human at a young age. As Captain Kirk said in The Wrath Of Khan, "Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most human." To those of the U.S.S Enterprise who have past, rest in peace. And to those still alive and to everyone else in the world, as Mr. Spock would say, Live Long And Prosper.

Now I would like to know your favorite Mr. Spock scene or favorite role of Leonard Nimoy. Mine is the ending scene to The Wrath of Khan. It was a scene that literally had me at the edge of my seat and made me cry for a character for the first time.

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