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Re: What are the best and worst planets in the solar system?

Best = Mars (It's red, has the tallest mountain in our solarsystem and God of War)
Worst = Neptune (Nothing but frozen water, boring nothing to do there)

Pluto is a "Plutoid", not a planet or a microplanet.

Originally Posted by DalekCam View Post
Sorry Mist but I grew up in a generation where Pluto was indeed a planet! And it still is, just it's now a Micro planet ;P
Growing up kowing something, doesn't mean you're right. I always thought the Triceratops was real, they discovered recently that the Triceratops was in fact just an infant Torosaurus. They could never find the fossils of an adult Triceratops, and now they know why. See, I grew up believing the Triceratops was real, doesn't mean it's still real, just means I was always wrong.
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