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Re: Welcome to AT4W manga reviews (place holder name)

Originally Posted by JustSomeRandomKid View Post
Trust me it was bad at the beginning nothing but filler, then it got good when they had to save Rukia, but then they just recycled the idea when they had to Orhime from quite possibky the worst villians of all time.
The begging wasn't filler...

That all happened in the manga. First two seasons were gold, filler arc killed pacing, Hueco Mundo was pretty cool, then Grimmjow gets killed (FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU) and now Kubo is senselessly trolling with the manga now. WHO SAID ESPADAS WENT FROM 10 TO 1 ?

My thoughts on Bleach.

As far as a name goes.......shiiiiii son, I dunno man. I'm usually half decent at naming things.....

i play dat tee eff two

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