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Re: Why i cant join the IRC chat room

Originally Posted by Amui View Post
The IRC seems to be working fine, so it must be a problem on your end....It might help if you post information such as what type of IRC client you're trying to use (Trillian, mIRC, etc.), perhaps a screenshot of your settings.....unless you're using the web client, which is probably the root cause of the problem.

Perhaps any error messages you may be getting, too, just "My IRC no work!" doesn't help much.

Remember, The IRC is on the Rizon network on #918thefan.
Well I tired different ways and its always end in the same problem the first time i register everything was fine until it ask for the confirmation of my password after i put it there apear a screen saying that there is and error and the system shutdown the next time i tried the password end to be invalid i tried this with two E-mails I have and its the same thing over.
I also tried the mIRC but nothing happens and in confuse wether its an system error or if its my PC
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