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Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!

"All right, to Carriston, then. But, Milady, I am rather concerned about your appearance, if you'll forgive my saying so. Your wings, I mean. I don't know how long since you've spoken with your contact, but Carriston was raided less than a month ago by a gang of the Southern brigands. They sailed right up to the docks in what looked to be a regular trader, then swarmed the docks and held them for almost three hours against the town's guard unit. The Dockmaster and his five inspectors were all murdered, and the dock tollbox taken. Then the cowards loaded their ship with goods from the docks' warehouses, and pirated away two other ships still fully-laden." I look pointedly at the Lady Jessica. "No disrespect, Milady, but Carriston is armed and frightened, and that from something that looked normal. Pray imagine with what obvious relief they might unleash their fear and anger upon someone who arrives already looking out-of-place. Can you hide the wings? If not, we need enter as close to dark as their guards will let us, and under glamour."

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