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Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!

I smile at my newfound companions thinkings to myself 'What strange mortals.' As asked the questions occured my smile vanishes.
"No, I eat as a normal humaniod mortal in this form, though Skylark prefers to eat mice and other rodents, but he can find those himself... He's like a cat really." Looking at Breaker I smile once again. "Australian hey? Oh yea, as a dragon I live over eons of time, making me almost immortal, what also helps is am a daughter of Julie, but alas I am stuck in this form. Nevermind about me, I can look after myself most of the time. But yes I have heard your accent, though I must admit it was a long time ago... Will you come with us then?"
I hold my left arm out this time, there seemed to be strange markings among my fingers running up my whole arm, the markings seemed to glow slightly in the night.

Skylark now fully awake again started to fly around the head of his mistress again but much more slowly, like a ghostly guardian shining in the dark moonlight.

The second moon has now gone down a little more than half way, the darker moon also heading to set.
A small sliver of light appeares in the east and starts to gradually become stronger


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