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Re: Anime Over - Anime & Manga Ban Passes

The bill did pass a first round of voting on Monday and does need to pass a second round of voting Wednesday before its actually passed as Anarcho does point out (made me look this up).

No indication that it was a close vote on Monday and most (including my starter post) over looked this needed second vote.

Its also important to note this is NOT a Japan national bill/ban but a Tokyo government one. But Tokyo is like LA/Chicago/New York combined so their regional government is quite powerful. It should also be noted that the Japanese Prime Minister has basically come out against this revised bill.

Originally Posted by AnarchoELK View Post
Honestly, While if this actually happened it would suck, but I think it's all just puffing out ones chest. It goes to ACTUAL vote tomorrow, and I don't think it'll pass. If it does, it'll probably be heavily cripples by the time it's put into effect, though we already HAVE seen some ill effects.

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