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Siege's Colloab Fanfic

Hey guys!

Any of you who were up early enough to have heard my show, you'd know I read fanfictions on air now. And I figured it would be fun to have the community write one for me to read on air on Sundays. If it's long enough, who knows, it may take up my whole shift.

This is going to be done in segments, a couple of paragraphs each. Since this time, the fic needs to be done by tomorrow, the deadline will be 8PM, PST, Oct. 1st! I know this is a pretty short time but I'm confident the community will get something together.

To avoid two people writing a paragraph following the same events, the person writing the next paragraphs will be chosen in IRC immediately after the previous section is finished, and will then be given 30 minutes to write the next segment.

Today the theme is: Dragonball ZxBleach crossover fic. A bit generic, but it'll get the job done.

Hop in IRC if you're interested. First come, first serve, and hopefully no repeating person for any 3 consecutive posts.

If this goes well, I'll make it a weekly thing!

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