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Re: Games That Aren't As Bad As People Say

Pokemon Colliseum and XD: I hear people call this a travesty and that they only got it for some of the exclusives (Like Ho-Oh and Lugia, before HG and SS were a thing) but personally I think the story was wonderful, the take of Shadow pokemon was ill admit weird, but cool! Not only that it was an ACTUAL CONSOLE POKEMON GAME! Something I was begging for since Gamecube existed. I'm hoping some recent Pokemon X and Y hints are leading me to believe we might explore the Orre region again on Wii U!

Also, Bayonetta. There's a nice niche of fans, but most reviewers I see all call it a "Poor mans Devil May Cry, with added Sex Appeal" and like wow, did you even PLAY the game!? I mean yeah it's gonna have a DMC feel cause the EXACT SAME TEAM MADE IT, but it's still plenty diverse enough to be its own game.

Lastly, anyone even heard of a game called Pokemon Channel? If you still have a Wii or a Gamecube, pick it up (it cant be more than 10 bucks somewhere) it's a nice cute little game. Runs on an Animal Crossing style (IE if they say "Check in Tomorrow" then you come back tomorrow) with plenty of fun little entertaining mini-games, shows, etc. I personally think the Wii U is a perfect system for a sequel.
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