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Originally Posted by deadlymustach50 View Post
How could Nintendo contend against the many appealing games of the Xbox or PS3? They couldn't and soon after Kinect and PlayStation Move came out Nintendo lost its monopoly on motion control gaming. Nintendo needed something and eventually the 3DS was release and its amazing! The problem was that it cost the same has a console almost and there were no real games for it. With the Wii and 3DS issues Nintendo is hitting a finical issue right now. Due to finical problems they lowered the 3DS's price to $170, and the board members have cut their own paychecks to help.
Technically Nintendo doesn't have a monopoly on the motion market anymore, but honestly, the Kinect and Move aren't exactly successful. Kinect had the initial "wow factor" for casual and non-gamers that the Wii did, but rather than act as a sort of gateway into other games like the Wii and DS did, it's basically the Dance Central machine, and that's the way it'll probably stay since no one seems to be able to make anything that's not a mini-game collection. Plus the device is now some kind of joke to the hardcore audience. Move supposedly targeted the hardcore, and so far all that's meant was it was a Wii HD, but with more FPS's, and it's not getting much attention from either the casual or hardcore audiences.

But yeah while, those devices aren't successful, they basically set themselves up as the Wii HD, so the Wii U can't offer just HD motion gaming, especially at that price. Instead they're depending on some fancy new tech that looks like it's catered to the hardcore, which seems to be supported by their list of upcoming games. The problem with that is that Nintendo's "hardcore" games generally are all first party, and Mario and Zelda can only draw in so much attention. That recent fiasco with Project Rainfall will probably cost them most of the JRPG Nintendo fans (though only in the North American region) who'll migrate to Sony, and I really doubt any shooter fans would choose the Wii U over the 360.
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