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Re: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I sat down and watched this show on a whim. It wasn't because everyone else was watching it. I actually enjoy the show and think its plot and dialogue is quite high despite it being demographically for a younger audience... but there is the thing. Shonen anime targets young males, but you can have the 50 year old salary man watching One Piece.
This show has surprised me not only for its artstyle, the problem solving itself that the characters do are quite relevant to what is happanening in the world. So the show teaches children about friendship, but also other important values and mores. These values and mores have vanished in most america media especially cartoons. So not only is it a learning experience it is also entertaining, fun to look at, and a great show. ... that is the two cents from the nerd who listens to jpop next too the heaviest metal at a local metal show.

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