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Re: A tribute to all the people who lost their lives in the Japan quake

Originally Posted by toyNN View Post
Thanks for starting this thread Leviathan - my thoughts too are with those in Japan, its definitely bad. Even though Japan has the best built buildings and homes for surviving earthquakes its hard to protect against the Tsunami. The coastal cities like Sendai and Shirakawa are in really bad shape being mostly at sea level and the Tsunami just devastated them.

Its also caused a bunch of problems at their nuclear power plants. I hope those get resolved safely but best case all of northern Japan including Tokyo are going to short on electricity for some time, perhaps months.

Just a whole lot of no fun.

ANN has a ongoing post of Japanese seiyuus and other anime/music/game related folks tweeting or updating their blogs regarding their status after the quake.

In case you are thinking about a donation to help with the recovery efforts in Japan I'll suggest - our friends over at Crunchyroll are taking donations ($5 increments) and will match those up to $5k. They'll then pick an organization like the Red-Cross Japan Relief to give the money to.
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This is very interesting. It's nice to know all my favorite voice actors and actresses are doing okay.
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