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Re: Anime Over - Anime & Manga Ban Passes

While its quite possible that the restrictions, move to 18+, etc... will be for stuff we've never heard of it will have a ripple down effect on the overall profitability of the publishers.

Similarly Tokyo is basically Japan so a ban or restriction there affects the profitability so much that it might as well be the whole country. Others have noted that items with an *adult* classification (Japan only as two, "general" and "adult") aren't sold through regular retail channels so its not like these things will just move to another rack.

And as you point out Tokyo Governor Ishihara views:

“Ishihara responded to the Tokyo Parent Teacher Association’s December 3 petition in support of the bill by saying, “It’s not just about children. We’ve got homosexuals casually appearing even on television. Japan has become far too untamed.”

So will their restrictions cascade over to yuri/yaoi titles that aren't too explicit like Uraboku or Maria Watches Over Us or Togainu no Chi.

Originally Posted by Tsundere View Post
I am annoed that the person who thought up this is an extreme racist and homophobe. His ideals are severely outdated (But this can be attributed to Japanese culture) and he would be more comfortable in 1910 not 2010. He does blame homosexuals for a lot of things if you ever read any of his statements.

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