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Re: Japan's thoughts on creepy otaku

Yes EE was being culturally inane. But these are anime radio forums. You jus gotta chillax dude, before EE sics his wallabies on you.

I don't really think anyone who grasps he concepts you're talking about will argue most points with you, so I doubt you'll get much debate. But there are a lot of people who don't understand the Japanese connotation of the word otaku and call themselves otaku because Westernized it means "anime fan" so people may become offended or given the wrong idea. A lot of people here are younger and maybe haven't done the research into Japanese culture to make that connection.

Although I have to say, when you do general polls like that you'll get a lot of people who I think a lot of people wouldn't want to date anyways? yo look at the wording of some responses and it feels like they are the type of person you wouldn't want to pay any attention to in the first place, although for the most part the activities and attributes are definitely suitably odd enough to be truly labeled as otaku. Of course, if you had a girlfriend in Japan and she was into anime as well a lot of those probably wouldn't apply.

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