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Re: Japan's thoughts on creepy otaku

Originally Posted by Zero Gravity View Post
Don't you think thats a bit harsh, you could offend someone
*shrug* would you prefer everyone live in a bubble where they are free from any notion that challenges their worldview? Must yours and everyone's life be free of offense?

I found this article absolutely fascinating because it shows how otaku in Japan and in the US (who aren't even the focus of this article, as everyone but maybe Molly seems to realize) live in completely different spheres. In the US, otaku (the western variant) basically interact with their own kind and are accepted (insofar as there are various levels of 'accepted') for who they are among that kind, and rarely pop out elsewhere. In Japan, they're somewhere near burakumin and foreigners on the low end of the totem pole, because societal pressures kept them from ever really receiving that kind of 'support group'. I was actually hoping for a genuine discussion on this, instead there is herp and derp from most sides.
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