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Post Hiya! Nice to meetcha!

Hello! My name is Starr Bryte and as of 3 hours ago I became a new member! >W< I'm so excited!

I found this site through while I was watching DBZ Abridged. My radio died on me and my room exists in a veritable Bermuda Triangle so it's not like I can get much anyway. I was getting a bit tired of listening to the same old thing also which makes this a pleasant change.

I'm 23 years old and I've been an anime fan since I was 11, which was the same year that Anime Invasion aired on Fox Kids' Fall Line-up. I turned on the TV to Digimon and never looked back. What truly broke me and made me a true fan however was The Vision of Escaflowne which aired a few weeks later.

When I was 12 I was introduced to Sailor Moon by an acquaintance that road the same bus I did. A while later I bought the manga and began drawing fanart by copying the poses and body shapes. My dream than changed from Secret Agent to Artist.

I attended my first artshow at AnimeIowa 2010 and was so happy when two of my five original pieces sold.

I also write fanfiction and LARP with my friends. We also have several text-based role-plays currently going.

My favorite anime is currently The Slayers and my favorite manga right now is Nightmare Inspector. My favorite video game is Final Fantasy IX and any game made by Square. My favorite artist is Yoshitaka Amano who did the artwork for Final Fantasy and last I heard had teamed up with Neil Gaiman.

My favorite characters include Sailor Saturn, Yuffie Kisaragi, Rikku, Eiko Carol, Toph Bei Fong, Lina Inverse, Kisa Sohma, Rukia Kujiki and any other small, cute, spunky or irritable female character that refuses to lie down and die.

All fox-faced male characters scare me in a good way. Right now seeing Xellos from Slayers with his eyes open will always and forever give me chills.

Uhmmm... I think that's it... After 2 years of living in a house with 10 other Otaku I'm living at home with my family. Most of my friends have moved away following jobs and schooling. From my group only about 4 of us remain. Some of my co-workers are Otaku and have gone to AnimeIowa before so I think we'll be adding to our ranks here in this town.

I hope to become a welcome addition to this website and I hope to connect with other fans.

*bows* Greetings, my name is Starr and I hope we can be good friends.
It is better to be hated for what you are, than loved for what you are not - André Gide

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