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Re: DragonBall Z: Resurrection of F

I wasn't a HUGE Fan of Battle of the Gods, I honest skip to the fights after my first viewing. I like Dragon Ball , I like fighting, I like action. You know what I don't like? Side characters who haven't contributed nothing since Season 1 or Dragon Ball. They sadly take up a chunk of the movie.

The exceptions being Roshi and Tien.

So I'm hoping this will just explode with nothing but fighting.

Originally Posted by Elk View Post
I'm SUPER hype for the movie. Battle of the Gods was also pretty awesome imo,and I'm ALWAYS up for more Dragon Ball. Freeza was probably my favorite of the end of arc enemies. Cell was cool, and Buu had his moments, but Freeza was the best. We have seen him come back in GT if I recall, where he was handled easily, but I'm also pretty sure GT isn't considered canon.
Considering Toriyama has no part in GT, I think he's overall trying to cut GT from canon.

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