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What games you playing?

In general terms I guess, what games you playing, and talk a bit out them without going full single game thread on it. reply and such. Videogame smalltalk! If anything gets too much traction it can easily move to it's own thread.

I'm playing FF XIV, Beat T5 and Levi, awww yeah.

played some BF Hardline during the beta, I thought I wouldn't like it, now I'm looking forward to it. Cops and Robbers is a lot more fun than I thought it'd be.

Grabbed Persona Q, enjoying the Etrian gameplay, but I've never played 3 or 4 so I'm just "meeting" the cast. The story is pretty thin, but it's still fun.It is a pretty silly crossover game after all.

Besides those I tried out Rogue Legacy on Vita, played a bit of Leisure Suit Larry, and played a little bit of the KOTOR games. Not actively playing them right now though.

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